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Neil Pellinacci's blog covers topics including programming and software development, social media, the web, general technology and the history of computing.

Selected articles appear here, click on the headline to read the full post on the blog itself. Note that posts may contain images licensed under Creative Commons, attributions are listed on the individual pages themselves.

  • How to Recycle a BT Home Hub as a Wireless Access Point

    My original intention for this box, having acquired it from a relative, was to use it to replace my Netgear DG834 router, which I use for my (wired) Internet connection with Demon Internet. However, having reset the box I found that it wouldn't connect given the correct authentication details, so some Google research was required.

    (Thursday 8th August 2013)
  • Nominet - Second Level .uk Domain Registration

    Nominet are currently looking for feedback on a proposal to introduce second level domain registrations in the .uk domain space. This would mean that you would be able to register, for example, mycompany.uk as well as mycompany.co.uk for your business. This kind of domain structure has been available for some time in other markets, but not the UK.

    (Monday 15th July 2013)
  • Six Silly Things to (not) do on LinkedIn

    There's plenty of ways your Social Media presence can work against you, and your LinkedIn profile is no exception. Remember that LinkedIn is the social network for professionals, and you're probably there either to sell your services and abilities, or those of your company. Here's some things to avoid.

    (Wednesday 26th June 2013)
  • For Google Apps users: Cross-Domain Email Address References

    Image credit: Beau Giles
    Recently I reconfigured my primary email address setup to get over some specific issues I was having with inbound email from one particular client. I run one domain in Google Apps, which includes this address. The work consisted of deleting the current address, which was actually a group set up on the domain (which redirected to multiple email addresses) and creating a new Google Apps user with the same email address to replace it. After the change, I retrieved all my email from that Google Apps user.

    (Thursday 30th May 2013)
  • Did you Mean to Mention me on LinkedIn?

    LinkedIn recently added the new Mentions feature with the usual blaze of publicity, but like a lot of recent changes it's taken a while to propagate to all users, and in this case, to all browsers.

    (Wednesday 22nd May 2013)
  • How to Banish those Reply-All Email Explosions

    Photo by Gregg O'Connell on flickr
    In a previous blog post Keeping Control of your Inbox I mentioned that using the Reply-All button can actually add to your own inbox jam. It's the easy option to select, and indeed the laziest - why think about who the email needs to go to, when you can reach everyone with one click? Besides, who cares if the others aren't interested?

    (Thursday 9th May 2013)
  • LinkedIn Rolls Out Roll Over Changes

    LinkedIn has changed the appearance of the pop-up windows which appear when you hover your mouse pointer over the profile of another user of the professional networking platform.

    (Monday 8th April 2013)